Als systeemleverancier voor elektrische veiligheid biedt Bender individuele oplossingen voor uw toepassing

Bender's core competence is electrical safety.

Solutions from Bender protect people, machines and the environment against the direct and indirect hazards of electrical currents. Bender solutions provide information on the power supply status before the stage of a potential hazard or unnecessary downtime is reached. They therefore ensure efficient and profitable operating and production processes and high added value for our customers.

We offer in our products, systems and services complete solutions across the entire process chain in a wide range of industrial sectors. The major industries served include:

As a result of over 65 years of uninterrupted market presence and as a systems supplier of electrical safety equipment, we have developed extensive expertise. This know-how enables us to achieve holistic, long-term improvements. We measure ourselves against the international competitors in this field. The result is a reputation for high quality, solid design and creative details.

You, too, could enjoy the opportunities offered by our systems and services. Find out how working with us can result in a lasting reduction in your costs while significantly increasing the operational safety of your electrical systems.


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