Sun Jul 22 12:51:12 2018
Sun Jul 22 12:51:12 2018
ISOSCAN® AGE185 coupling device

ISOSCAN® AGE185 coupling device

The EDS3065 / EDS3090 serie system allows monitoring and scanning of IT

systems AC, 3/N AC 20 … V and DC 20 … 504 V. In combination with the

coupling device AGE185, AC IT systems of up to 790 V and DC systems up

to 960 V can be monitored

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Varianten van ISOSCAN® AGE185 coupling device

TypeOverigArt. Nr.
AGE185Coupling device to extend the voltage range of the PGH185/186 AC 42…460 Hz 500…790 V, DC 400…960 VB980305

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