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  • Universal application in 3(N)AC, AC/DC and DC IT systems 20…575 V/340…760 V
  • Response range 1 kΩ…10 MΩ
  • Info button for the indication of various parameters and the system leakage capacitance
  • Comprehensive self-monitoring function including system fault alarm relay
  • Internal/external test and reset button
  • Two separate alarm relays, N/C or N/O operation selectable
  • Backlit plain text display 4 x 16 characters
  • RS-485 interface
  • Data memory, disconnection from supply and 0/4…20 mA current output
  • Can be extended to an insulation fault location system for max.1080 circuits
  • Adjustable locating current for insulation fault location
  • Appropriate for EDS4… insulation fault location systems
  • AMP measurement method


  • Insulation resistance monitoring in IT systems
  • Localisation of insulation faults with additional insulation fault locators EDS4…

ISOMETER® IRDH575 Variant(en)

TypeNominal system voltage UnSupply voltage USArt. No.
IRDH575B1-427AC / DC 20…575 VDC 19.2…72 VB91065502
IRDH575B1-4353(N)AC / DC 20…575 V*AC 88…264 V / DC 77…286 V*B91065500
IRDH575B1-4227**3(N)AC / DC 20…150 V*DC 19.2…72 V*B91065505
IRDH575B1-4235AC / DC 20…150 VAC 88…264 V / DC 77…286 VB91065504
IRDH575B2-4273(N)AC 340…760 V / DC 340…575V*DC 19.2…72 VB91065506
IRDH575B2-4353(N)AC 340…760 V / DC 340…575 V*AC 88…264 V / DC 77…286 V*B91065503

* Absolute values
** Measuring voltage Um 10 V

Optionele accessoires voor ISOMETER® IRDH575

Protection against dust and moisture

TypeDimensionsArt. No.
Panel sealing, degree of protection IP42144 x 96 mmB98060006
Transparent cover, degree of protection IP65144 x 96 mmB98060007

Adaptor for rail mounting

TypeArt. No.
Adaptor for rail mountingB98060010

The adaptor allows fast mounting of the IRDH575 on a DIN rail according to IEC 60715.

Measuring instruments

TypeMeasuring rangeDimensionsArt. No.
9620-14210…20 mA96 x 96 mmB986841
9620S-14210…20 mA96 x 96 mmB986842

Downloads voor ISOMETER® IRDH575

CE Conformiteitsverklaringen IRDH275 - 375 - 575 95.8 KB 2022/08/12 06:17:2512.08.2022 06:17:25
Handboeken IRDH575 5.4 MB DE2022/06/09 10:46:1909.06.2022 10:46:19D00089
Handboeken IRDH575 5.1 MB EN2022/06/09 10:48:1009.06.2022 10:48:10D00089
Handboeken IRDH575 1.1 MB ES2019/05/13 10:31:5413.05.2019 10:31:54D00089
Handboeken IRDH575 2.0 MB FR2019/05/13 10:31:5413.05.2019 10:31:54D00089