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The AC/DC sensitive residual current monitor RCMA423AS is designed for use in earthed systems (TN and TT systems) where DC and AC fault currents may
occur. These are in particular loads containing six-pulse rectifiers or one way rectifiers with smoothing, such as converters, battery chargers, construction
site equipment with frequency-controlled drives.

Two separately adjustable response ranges allow to distinguish between prewarning (IΔn1 = 50…100 % of the set response value IΔn2) and alarm ( IΔn2).
Since the values are measured with measuring current transformers, the RCMA423AS is nearly independent of the nominal voltage and the current of
the system being monitored.

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  • AC/DC sensitive residual current monitor Type B acc. AS/NZS 2081:2011
  • r.m.s. value measurement (AC+DC)
  • Two separately adjustable resp. values 100 mA...5 A
  • Frequency range 0...1000 Hz
  • Start-up delay, response delay and delay on release
  • Digital measured value display via LC display
  • Measured value memory for operating value
  • CT connection monitoring
  • LEDs: Power On, Alarm 1, Alarm 2
  • Internal/external test/reset button
  • Two separate alarm relays (one changeover contact each)
  • N/O or N/C operation and fault memory selectable
  • Continuous self monitoring
  • Multi-functional LC display
  • Password protection for device settings
  • Sealable transparent cover
  • Push-wire terminal (two terminals per connection)
  • Two-module enclosure (36 mm)
  • AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring in earthed two, three or four conductor systems (TN and TT systems)
  • AC/DC sensitive residual current monitor for mining according to AS/NZS 2081:2011
  • Monitoring of variable-speed drives, UPS systems, construction site equipment, printing machines, battery systems, laboratory equipment, wood working machines, MF welding systems, furniture industry,medical electrical equipment, etc.
  • AC/DC sensitive current monitoring of, in the normal case, de-energised single conductors (e.g. N conductors)


Varianten van LINETRAXX® RCMA423AS

TypeVoedingsspanningResponse valueArt. Nr.
RCMA423AS-D-1AC 16…72 V, 42…460 Hz / DC 9.6…94 V 100 mA…5 A / 0.....1000HzB 7404 3045
RCMA423AS-D-1AC 70...300 V, 42 ...460 Hz / DC 70....300 V100 mA…5 A / 0.....1000HzB 7404 3046

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