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Module de contrôle de courant différentiel sensible AC/DC RCMB121-... pour la recharge sécurisée des véhicules électriques conformément aux normes IEC 62752 pour IC-CPD et IEC 60364-7-722 pour coffrets muraux

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  • IEC 627582 and UL 2231 version available
  • Frequency range DC to 2 kHz
  • Full load current up to 80 A r.m.s. (1-phase) or 3 x 32 A r.m.s. (3-phase)
  • Switching output for DC 6 mA/30 mA r.m.s., 5 mA r.m.s./20 mA r.m.s. or DC 6 mA/20 mA r.m.s.
  • Error output (Integrated self-monitoring and test functions)
  • Measurement resolution 0.2 mA
  • Variants with feed through opening or with integrated primary conductors
  • Residual current range 0…300 mA
  • Robust mechanical design suitable for IC-CPD environmental requirements (e. g. drop test)
  • Widely usable in harsh electronic environments (e.g. resistant to external fields)
  • Total system cost significantly reduced compared to RCD type B
    AC/DC sensitive residual current monitoring module RCMB121 for safe charging of electrical vehicles according to BS7671:2018,722.531.2.101 and IEC 62752 Suitable for use in wall boxes, charge stations and other electric vehicle charge points.


Variantes du RCMB121

Version Type VAC Type Bender Art. No.
AC 30 mA/DC 6 mA T60404-N4641-X900 RCMB121-1 B94042490
5 mA r.m.s./20 mA r.m.s. T60404-N4641-X901 RCMB121-2 B94042491

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